The return to a more conscious life involves effort, eagerness to improve, to care about our environment, for us manufacturers it means being responsible with processes, supplies, design and society.

 Living in a conscious way is an attitude, it is not stop asking ourselves what we can improve with our work to achieve a better world. It is about questioning the established and promoting innovation and development from an environmentally sustainable perspective. Our products are proof of this attitude.

Conscious materials

From ideas to the development of new designs, we take in mind production processes and existing materials in order to launch responsible products. We take into account the origin, the provenance of materials, their quality and durability, their environmental impact, and their reusability and recyclability. In doing so, we turn a traditional value chain into a circular value chain.
Our aim is to take responsibility for our actions, moving from words to deeds. This is why we expect and demand the same from our suppliers.
Our selection of suppliers is based on proximity, thus reducing our carbon footprint and allowing us to develop innovative solutions together.

That is why our industrial process is 100% integrated in our plant in Valencia, Spain, close to our beloved Mediterranean Sea.

In this way we manage to reduce transportation and optimize logistics, reaching our customers’ homes in the most efficient and sustainable way.

We cultivate relationships with suppliers who share our philosophy and desire to maintain a green production ecosystem that does not compromise the needs of future generations. Sustainable materials and local production minimize our environmental impact.

PEFC woods

Our suppliers are certified by PEFC Spain, collaborating in the protection of our forests, ensuring forest sustainability with a local perspective. The woods that make up our structures are formaldehyde-free and certified by the AIDIMME technological institute.


The selection of textiles we use to upholster our products comes from industry leaders such as Kvadrat, Camira, Gabriel or Crevin, all of which have received EU-regulated ecological certifications. These certifications are equivalent to environmental excellence and the promotion of the circular economy, and their criteria cover the entire life cycle of a product, from raw material to disposal. An example of this is the ‘STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®’ certificate, the most widely used eco-label in the world to ensure that labeled textile products have been tested for more than 300 harmful substances.

Part of our conscious way of working is to really understand the impact we are making so we can take informed decisions. Our goals focus on both environmental and social impact. We start our journey with targeted actions on our environmental impact. That is why we measure the footprint of our fabrics. The environmental footprint reflects the effect that our fabric has on the planet. We look at every step in our supply chain.

The Life Cycle

We analyze our products’ lifecycle and constantly look for opportunities to optimize our product range and our supply chain. For our analysis we divide a product life cycle in three phases.

Cradle: Our recycled fabrics are produced all across the world. In our line of (upholstery) business, we only work with suppliers who are capable of developing great sustainable products at a price-quality ratio that meets our standards. We then measure the environmental impact  to make sure our footprint is being reduced significantly.


It is very important that we constantly raise the quality level of our designs and reduce our environmental impact. The foams we apply carry certifications that establish high safety standards, free of harmful substances. We are working so that in the coming years, in the near future, we will be able to migrate the foams in all our products to foams made from recycled waste.

Long-lasting products

We manufacture today in the consciousness that there will be a tomorrow. And we want our products to last until then. By this, we are not only talking about the timelessness of the designs – their aesthetic durability – but also about their physical and material longevity. At Lebom we design with perspective and vision.

Our selection of materials ensures that we can meet the objective of durability, part of the basis of responsible design. Whether for the lobby of a hotel or the living room of a family home, our designs are designed to withstand the long term.

The company’s heart (people & culture)

Just as we manufacture for the future, we cultivate interpersonal relationships at all levels. The values we share shape everything we do. We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is fundamental to creating an inspiring workplace.

At Lebom we echo the values of honest craftsmanship along with the Mediterranean materiality that characterizes us. We have a production and upholstery team that is responsible for shaping the designs in a completely handmade way, which allows us to take care of every last detail. A team that transforms materials and ideas into pieces that define a culture and a lifestyle.