We live in a society marked by technological hyperconnectivity and the culture of immediacy where, paradoxically, the most revolutionary act is to stop, breathe, and set aside the constant desire for instant gratification. True wellbeing, and in all likelihood, the secret to happiness is found nowadays in something as difficult and simple as living consciously.

Enjoying wasting time and delighting in what we seem to have forgotten: waiting.

The Greeks used the term eudaimonia to describe the pure state of being and fulfillment. A state of peace which, as technological resources advance, is becoming increasingly utopian to achieve. At Lebom we believe that if it is possible to disconnect the autopilot and become aware of the things that surround us, something which humanises us. We want to live in the present again. Live in the here and now. Unrushed.
We are constantly being hit with information. With today’s frenetic pace, it is di cult to be surprised, to focus on something concrete and to take perspective. For this reason, we propose a return to the culture of effort, dedication and consistency.

Because design is about wellbeing, about improving people’s lives.

We want to recover the essence of work well done, work that is calmly considered. Let go of the continuous barrage of messages and images, of instant expiration, of faddish fashion and rampant mass production, to focus on designs with no expiry date. Designs created for and by people with a long-term perspective. The environmental situation requires it, as does the emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Conscious living