Koh Tao

There are creatives who, as soon as you give them a commission, let the imagination fly and thus cross limits that are only in our mind. That’s Odosdesign and that’s why the Koh Tao collection is so special. A series of poufs in different sizes that allow us to create flexible spaces where creativity emerges naturally.



Odosdesign is an end-to-end product design agency focused on product design and visual strategy, formed by Ana Segovia and Luís Calabuig in 2005. Located in Valencia, Odosdesign stands out for its multidisciplinary character and to carry out end-to-end projects for companies and institutions, covering all their needs by managing product design, graphic design, art direction, branding, video or web design. This allows them to carry out end-to-end projects which range from the design of a product to its visual communication in all kinds of supports.